Canadian Medical Imaging Inventory

Medical imaging is critical to diagnosing, monitoring, and, in some cases, treating a vast array of illnesses and conditions, from cancer to traumatic injury. As imaging technologies advance, there is a need to keep track of where imaging capacity exists.

CADTH created the Canadian Medical Imaging Inventory (CMII) to document current practices and developments in the supply, distribution, technical operations, and general clinical and research use of advanced imaging equipment across Canada. This information may be used to inform capital planning and equipment replacement strategies, identify gaps in service, and anticipate future demand.

The CMII tracks where imaging capacity exists, exam volume, hours of operation, and types of use. It presents data on human resources, funding structures, ordering and referral practices, and the adoption of tools that may support appropriate imaging, system efficiencies, and wait-list reductions. Comparisons between Canadian data and data from other countries are also reported, as are trends and projections on imaging capacity.

Note that the survey data captured in this report was collected prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 and reflects advanced medical imaging in a pre-pandemic climate.


The 2022 – 2023 Canadian Medical Imaging Inventory (CMII) report is now available!

2022 – 2023 Evidence Preview (PDF)

Imaging Quick Facts - Canadian Medical Imaging Inventory Dashboard

2019 – 2020 In Brief (PDF) 2019 – 2020 Executive Summary

For this round of the inventory, CADTH sent a Web-based survey in November 2019 to all provinces and territories to collect data on the following imaging modalities:

  • CT
  • MRI
  • single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)
  • PET-CT

These six modalities were given priority to manage the project scope. The scope will be reassessed and expanded in future iterations, if possible.

The success of this inventory relies on the engagement and collaboration of stakeholders at all levels of the Canadian health care system. If you work in a Canadian medical imaging facility, we need your help in gathering information.
Your input will help decision-makers at national, regional, and local levels to:

  • determine gaps in medical imaging equipment needs across Canada
  • understand how medical imaging equipment is being used
  • inform strategic planning for medical imaging.

If you would like to participate in future surveys, please contact [email protected].

Previous CMII Iterations

Previous iterations of the CMII are archived and available here:

Previous CMII Resources

Provincial and Territorial Summaries


CADTH would like to acknowledge the following associations and networks for their support in the development and launch of the CMII:

Canadian Association of Radiologists
Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine
CAMRT — Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists 
COMP — Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists
Canadian Cardiovascular Society
Canadian Society of Cardiovascular Nuclear and CT Imaging
Cardiac Care Network of Ontario
Canadian Association for Interventional Radiology
Sonography Canada.

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