CADTH Call for Statements of Interest – Aging in Place

The Aging in Place project aims to identify, describe, and support aging in place priorities across Canadian jurisdictions. With a focus on equity and ethics, the project will include a discussion of the issues that prevent people from aging in their home or their community for as long as they wish and are able to. It will also include a discussion of potential solutions to help people age in place. 

To enhance the quality and relevance of this work, CADTH is seeking to engage people with extensive personal and/or professional experience within a Canadian health system. Specifically, CADTH wishes to engage with health care professionals who are providing or supporting care for those aging in their own homes, in supportive care settings, and in long-term care (e.g., physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, social workers, administrators, policy-makers) as well as people with direct, personal experience with the challenges and success factors of aging in place (e.g., older adults, spouses, adult children or other family members, and family caregivers). In this instance, CADTH is seeking people with the ability to: 

  • contribute to the diversity of perspectives through direct experience or through awareness of others’ experiences and views within the patient or professional community (for example, experience with a professional association or seniors’ group, as staff or as a volunteer, or board member) 
  • act with integrity, independent of specific interests 
  • work constructively as a member of a diverse group.

There are a limited number of engagement opportunities available to support this work, including as an expert consultant, peer reviewer, patient or community partner, or as a participant in an online consultation. The time commitment will vary depending on the role, with engagement activities expected to occur between January 2024 and June 2024. An honorarium will be provided to those selected for the project. 

If selected for this project, we will communicate with you primarily by email. Meetings will be held in English through Zoom or a Teams link or by toll-free telephone.