CADTH Pharmaceutical Reviews Update — Issue 29


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Reimbursement Review
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Pharmaceutical Review Update

See Pharmaceutical Reviews Update ― Issue 29 for important news and information regarding CADTH's drug review programs. Highlights from this issue include: 

  • procedures for review of therapeutic alternatives during a drug supply shortage
  • procedures for non-sponsored reimbursement reviews.

CADTH Program Updates

1. Procedures for Review of Therapeutic Alternatives During a Drug Supply Shortage 

CADTH has been asked to undertake reviews of selected drugs that are anticipated to have a potential drug supply shortage. The purpose of these reviews is to provide implementation advice to the provincial and territorial ministries of health through an implementation advice report. 

To address these requests in a transparent manner, CADTH has established a new process for the review of therapeutic alternatives during a drug supply shortage. The CADTH review will provide a summary and appraisal of key clinical evidence and implementation advice focused on the specific questions that have been raised by the jurisdictions. Given the expedited nature, and that the report is time-limited for the period of the drug supply shortage, economic analysis will not be conducted.  

Review in the event of an anticipated drug supply shortage is being conducted through CADTH’s health technology assessment program and will not have an application fee for the sponsor at this time.  

Review through the Procedures for Review of Therapeutic Alternatives During a Drug Supply Shortage will be determined by CADTH in consultation with federal, provincial, and territorial governments.  

2. Procedures for Non-Sponsored Reimbursement Reviews 

CADTH initiated stakeholder consultations in March 2022 on a proposal for a new review process that will provide the public drug programs with reimbursement recommendations in selected situations where there is no sponsor to file an application. CADTH has carefully considered the feedback received during the consultation and is pleased to announce the new Procedures for Non-sponsored Reimbursement Reviews

CADTH would like to thank all stakeholders who took the time to respond to this consultation. If you have any questions regarding the new Procedures for Non-sponsored Reimbursement Reviews, please feel free to contact CADTH at

3. Minor Revisions to Application Template

CADTH has made a minor addition to the Letter for Sending NOC or NOC/c to CADTH template to ensure there is clarity regarding any potential revisions to the sponsor’s requested reimbursement criteria as a result of revisions to the indication. This change will increase efficiency by limiting the need for additional correspondence between CADTH and the sponsor for submissions filed on a pre-Notice of Compliance (NOC) basis.