Criteria for conducting Environmental Assessments in CADTH HTAs


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In Progress
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Health Technology Review
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Environmental considerations are increasingly being recognized by decision-makers and policy-makers. Initiatives to “green” the delivery of health care and health technologies are becoming more common to ensure that the sector is sustainable for future generations and that the impacts to the environment and to health are minimal.

There are complexities surrounding the evaluation of a technology’s environmental footprint throughout its entire life cycle, and uncertainties about how best to weigh the need for an environmental evaluation against evaluating other patient-based, economic-based, or other health-based factors. In the context of competing priorities, there is a need to identify when the assessment of environmental factors becomes a key driver for health decision- and policy-makers. The objective of this project is to develop a list of criteria that will guide decisions of when to incorporate an environmental assessment into the decision-making process for a health technology.

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