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Patient Input and Feedback

CADTH seeks patients’ perspectives to improve the relevance and quality of our reviews. Also, to enable those possibly affected by the reviews to have an opportunity to contribute to them. For drug reimbursement reviews, CADTH invites patient groups to contribute input relevant to the drug it is reviewing.

Steps for Providing Patient Input

To seek public reimbursement for a drug, a pharmaceutical company applies to CADTH. CADTH issues an open call for patient input. CADTH sends out notifications for these open calls every Thursday, through its CADTH Weekly Update. If you would like to receive these notifications, you can register here. Calls for patient input are also highlighted on the open calls page of the CADTH website.

To participate:

  • Review the Guidance for Providing Patient Input for information about the type of input CADTH is requesting and how it will be incorporated into the Drug Reimbursement Review process.
  • Download the Patient Input Template.
  • Complete the template by the deadline given on the Open Calls page.
  • Send the completed template by using the Submit link next to the drug, plasma product, or cell and gene therapy listed on the Open Calls page.

Steps for Providing Feedback

Following CADTH’s review and expert committee deliberations, draft reimbursement recommendations are shared for feedback. Only patient groups who contributed input on the drug, plasma product, or cell and gene therapy under review can provide feedback on the draft recommendation. New draft recommendations and open calls for feedback are highlighted in the CADTH Weekly Update. Register here to receive notifications.

To participate:

Questions and Comments

If you have questions or need help to participate, please contact or call CADTH at 1 866 988 1444.

To learn more about CADTH Drug Reimbursement Review process, you can to the Procedures for CADTH Drug Reimbursement Reviews.