Doing the Right Thing... Right: Evidence Informing Clinical Decision-Making

The Institute Health Economics (IHE), the Canadian Agency for Drugs & Technologies in Health (CADTH) and Alberta Health are pleased to present “Doing the Right Thing... Right: Evidence Informing Clinical Decision-Making.”

Dr. Brian O’Rourke, President and Chief Executive Officer, CADTH, will be a keynote presenter at this forum, along with Dr. Sean Tunis, President, Health Technology Assessment International; Founder and Director of Centre for Medical Technology Policy and former Chief Medical Officer of Clinical Standards and Quality for Centres of Medicare and Medicaid.

This event will provide a platform for learning and showcasing CADTH and Alberta Health initiatives on the creation and uptake of evidence-based guidance and direction from HTA and related processes, as well as an opportunity for clinical leaders and practitioners to reflect on where processes are working well and on how they might be adapted for real-world settings.

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