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Date: July 23, 2018
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Welcome to the CADTH Evidence Bundle for Cannabis. Here you will find our best CADTH evidence on Medical Cannabis – arranged under the following categories:

  • Pain Treatment
  • Safety, Use with other medications, Misuse/Abuse, Harms
  • Cannabis use for specific conditions and populations

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For additional resources, see CADTH’s evidence bundle on mental health.

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Want to browse our evidence on a specific topic related to Medical Cannabis? Categories include Pain Treatment; Safety, Use with other medications, Misuse/Abuse, Harms; and Use for specific conditions and populations.

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Additional non-CADTH evidence is available from Canadian Government and Association Resources, Journal Articles, and Policy Statements and Guidance. A literature search for key resources was conducted, including The Cochrane Library, The National Guideline Clearinghouse, both Canadian and international health technology agencies, as well as a focused Internet search.

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