Frequently Asked Questions: Update of the Guidelines for the Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies: Canada

What are the Guidelines for the Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies?

The Guidelines are a set of best practices for conducting economic evaluations of health care technologies in Canada. Health care technologies include any interventions that impact health outcomes, such as drugs, medical devices, medical and surgical procedures, vaccines, diagnostics, screening, public health initiatives, and health care delivery systems. The Guidelines are intended to provide general guidance for those who conduct health economic evaluations so that the information produced is standardized and of high quality, is credible and relevant, and can effectively inform health care decision-making.

What was the process in creating these updated Guidelines?

First, Guideline topics from the third edition were reviewed to determine where methodological advancements had occurred in order to determine the scope of the project. CADTH assembled health economists and subject matter experts to form a Health Economics Working Group. This group provided technical guidance in the update of topic areas. Then, CADTH issued Requests for Proposals to obtain additional information on specific topics. Information was incorporated into the draft, and technical experts in the health economics field provided peer review. Stakeholder feedback was sought throughout the process.

Do the Guidelines pertain to evaluations of different types of health care interventions?

Yes, the Guidelines are intended to provide best practices for conducting economic evaluations in Canada and aim to provide guidance applicable to all types of health care interventions, including public health interventions, drugs, and medical devices.

Does this update mean that CADTH Common Drug Review (CDR) and CADTH pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR) submission requirements have changed?

No. The CDR and pCODR submission requirements have not been reassessed. Any changes to the submission requirements will be announced through CADTH E-Alert emails; pCODR and CDR Updates, which are distributed via the New at CADTH newsletter; the Health Economics Update; and social media channels. You can subscribe to the CADTH E-Alert and New at CADTH newsletter at, and follow us on Twitter at and LinkedIn at