Minimum Retesting Intervals for Lab Tests


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Lab testing is a critical component of effective patient care, providing health care professionals with important information to make decisions regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and management of many diseases.

With lab testing representing a high-volume medical activity in Canada, the importance of lab resource stewardship is being addressed by Choosing Wisely Canada through Using Labs Wisely. Using Labs Wisely is a consortium of more than 150 hospitals committed to making a measurable impact on reducing low-value lab testing in Canada.

To support Using Labs Wisely, CADTH is collaborating with Choosing Wisely Canada to convene a multidisciplinary panel of experts to provide guidance on the minimum retesting interval for 7 commonly used lab tests. Experts will deliberate on evidence from a number of sources to produce recommendations to support hospitals participating in Using Labs Wisely, and potentially other hospital and community labs across Canada. 

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Product Line: Health Technology Review
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Project Number: HC0078-000