CADTH to Establish Industry Task Force on Real-World Data for Post-Market Drug Evaluations

CADTH is establishing an industry task force that will build upon the recently released Guidance for Reporting Real-World Evidence to provide advice on the use of industry-generated real-world data (RWD) in its Post-Market Drug Evaluation (PMDE) Program. We are inviting industry representatives to apply to be a part of this task force.

About the PMDE Program

The PMDE Program provides evidence to federal, provincial, and territorial decision-makers about drugs that have been approved and are broadly available to people in Canada. For additional information, please refer to the PMDE Program Overview.

Real-world evidence is a pillar of the post-market pharmaceutical space and may contribute to drug evaluations, particularly for drugs with limited clinical trial data available (e.g., drugs for rare diseases). Drug manufacturers collect RWD, and many have expressed interest in sharing these data with health technology assessment (HTA) agencies and decision-makers. However, substantial work is needed to effectively operationalize the use of industry-collected RWD.  

PMDE Industry Task Force  

CADTH is establishing a time-limited industry task force to identify opportunities and barriers for using industry RWD in our PMDE Program. This group will be task-oriented and work collaboratively to develop an options paper for CADTH that will advise on best practices and potential approaches for using industry RWD and identify ways to mitigate risks and barriers. The options paper will include proposed approaches that will be considered by the PMDE Advisory Committee and CADTH. CADTH intends to share information about the industry task force and the options paper.  

This industry task force will consist of 8 to 10 pharmaceutical industry delegates (including the PMDE Advisory Committee’s industry representatives), supplemented with representatives from Health Canada and CADTH. The group will report directly to the multistakeholder PMDE Advisory Committee. Additional industry representation will come from recommendations provided by Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) and BIOTECanada (4 to 6 members) and 2 others not affiliated with these 2 associations identified through the public call for applications.  

Involvement Opportunity

CADTH is currently recruiting these 2 representatives of pharmaceutical companies not currently affiliated with IMC or BIOTECanada to join the PMDE Industry Task Force. This is a time-limited opportunity; members will meet monthly for 5 months, with the possibility of extension.  

For complete details on the skillset, experience, and other application requirements, please review our Call for Applicants. Industry representatives who meet the requirements are encouraged to apply by August 31. 

Call for Applicants