CADTH Spotlights Equity in Evidence to Mark World Evidence-Based Healthcare Day

World Evidence-Based Healthcare Day  
October 20, 2023

Today is World Evidence-Based Healthcare Day, a global initiative to raise awareness about the need for better evidence to inform decision-making and improve health outcomes. This year’s theme is Evidence and Global Health Equity. CADTH is proud to support this initiative and share some of our latest insights and work on this important issue.

Equity in Evidence Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

In Canada and globally, the health technology assessment (HTA) community has been working to advance equity in HTA, from adapting methods and seeking more inclusive perspectives to more nuanced considerations of implementation issues that may reinforce inequities.

In her blog post titled "Equity in Evidence Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought," CADTH President and CEO Suzanne McGurn reflects on why equity matters and the integrated approach CADTH takes in applying an equity lens to our work.

She also wrote about the importance of considering equity in health policy and practice decisions in a new article in The Hill Times (subscription required).

CADTH Webinar — Equity in Evidence

If you missed yesterday’s webinar that explored CADTH’s approaches to considering equity in evidence, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

Canadian Journal of Health Technologies

In the Canadian Journal of Health Technologies, CADTH’s open-access scientific and policy journal, CADTH authors explore a range of issues related to equity considerations in HTA.


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To learn more about World Evidence-Based Healthcare Day, including blog posts and videos about evidence and global health equity from global leaders, visit the World Evidence-Based Healthcare Day website.