CADTH Welcomes Transfer of Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network

CADTH welcomes today’s announcement by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and Health Canada that they intend to give CADTH responsibility for the important work of the Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network (DSEN) to CADTH.

DSEN was established by CIHR and Health Canada in 2009 to fill gaps for federal, provincial, and territorial decision-makers in information on the safety and effectiveness of drugs used in real-world settings, and to increase the capacity of Canada to undertake high-quality post-market research. As the pharmaceutical landscape continues to evolve rapidly, the importance of this work continues to grow.

“CADTH is pleased and humbled to be chosen as the new host for this work,” said CADTH President and Chief Executive Officer Suzanne McGurn. “It’s an excellent fit with our strategic objectives and would allow CADTH to further enhance its expertise in the life cycle management of drugs and help improve the health of Canadians.”

“We are committed to building a new model that reflects the success of DSEN’s first 10 years and that can serve the needs of decision-makers for timely evidence on the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals into the future.”

CADTH will work closely with CIHR and Health Canada to ensure that the new program will be in place for the Fall of 2022. CADTH is committed to transparency during the transition process and in engaging and consulting with stakeholders in developing a new model.

Details about the transition plan and opportunities for engagement will be shared as they become available.

CADTH would like to thank CIHR and researchers for their stewardship of DSEN to date and for their ongoing commitment to supporting evidence informed decision-making in drug safety and effectiveness.