Changes to CADTH’s Rapid Response Service

As CADTH continues along the path of strategic transformation, we’re working hard to align the evidence products we deliver with the priority needs of decision-makers in Canada. As part of this work, CADTH has made the decision to retire Reference Lists as a standard offering in our evidence product line.

Reference Lists were delivered through our Rapid Response Service in the form of reports that provided a bibliographic list of references or a summary of the abstracts from the references.

CADTH is making this change to ensure that we can focus on delivering more impactful analysis and evidence products that meet broader system-wide needs. While Reference Lists have been a standard offering for some time, they often have a narrow audience with limited opportunity for broader health system impact. Importantly, any Reference Lists that are currently in progress will be completed, delivered to the requestor, and posted on our website.

For questions related to the Rapid Response Service or CADTH’s evidence product offerings, please contact us at [email protected]. To receive notifications when new reports are published on our website, please subscribe to the CADTH Weekly Summary newsletter.