Ensuring High-Value Health Care After the Pandemic

CADTH is partnering with Choosing Wisely Canada to identify actions that could lead to better post-pandemic care for Canadians. The organizations are developing recommendations for reducing low-value care that, if implemented, could make more resources available to deliver the priority services that are most beneficial to patients.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the effects of delayed non-urgent care and elective procedures have been a top concern of patients, health care professionals, and policy-makers. As health systems begin to reopen, tackling the issue of low value care — the tests and treatments that offer little benefit to patients and can waste health system resources — is important to help ensure patients receive high quality and necessary care.

Choosing Wisely Canada is reviewing its existing evidence-based recommendations with clinician experts and curating an initial shortlist of low-value treatments. Recommendations about tests and treatments will be considered to be included on the shortlist if they are:

  • common in clinical practice, can cause harm, relatively frequent, and resource intensive
  • associated with an area of need delayed by the pandemic or where there is an existing backlog
  • a potential strain on health care human resources and system capacity
  • aligned with categories of overuse identified by Choosing Wisely Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information

CADTH will then convene a panel of Canadian clinician, patient, and policy experts to review the shortlist and develop final recommendations for clinicians and senior policy decision-makers.

The results of this work will be presented at Choosing Wisely Canada’s National Meeting in May 2021 and will be published in CADTH’s Canadian Journal of Health Technologies.

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