Global Collaboration on Modelling Treatment Pathways

CADTH is working with a group of international health technology assessment (HTA) organizations to share learnings about the development of economic models that consider disease pathways.

Globally, HTA organizations are seeing a growing number of drugs available for the same disease area. This can create complex treatment pathways for patients and introduce challenges for public payers. Using different cost-effectiveness models every time a new treatment is evaluated can lead to unnecessary repetition in processes and inconsistencies in modelling approaches and evidence.

We are currently working with other HTA organizations to share learnings about the development of models that span disease pathways and can be used to assess multiple technologies across pathways. The group is providing a streamlined way for organizations to exchange information, share models, discuss best practices, give feedback, and overcome any technical and/or administrative issues. The participating organizations include:

  • the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence from the UK
  • the National Healthcare Institute from the Netherlands  
  • the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review from the US.

The group is open to collaboration with other international organizations.  

CADTH recently used this type of economic model in our Therapeutic Review of optimal pharmacotherapy for transplant-ineligible multiple myeloma. We collaborated with the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management in the Netherlands to adapt an existing model on the cost-effectiveness of treatment sequences and validated the clinical pathway for the Canadian setting. We will publish final recommendations from this project in the coming weeks.  

It is important to note that for single drug reviews through our Drug Reimbursement Review program, drug sponsors submit economic models, they are not developed by CADTH.  

Value of Partnerships

Partnership is 1 of our guiding principles and catalyzing new and expanded partnerships to maximize efficiency is a key ambition. We are grateful to the international HTA community for enthusiastically embracing opportunities to work better together for the benefit of patients and health systems.

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