New Opportunity: Parallel Scientific Advice From CADTH and NICE

CADTH is pleased to announce a new collaboration with England’s NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) to offer parallel scientific advice to pharmaceutical companies.

Through this new initiative, participating pharmaceutical companies will receive advice simultaneously from CADTH and NICE to facilitate evidence generation for the Canadian and English markets. Participants will learn about the similarities in the advice provided by CADTH and NICE, and have an opportunity to clarify areas of divergence.

This exciting new international collaboration between two established HTA bodies will help pharmaceutical companies develop relevant evidence for CADTH and NICE, while streamlining the process of obtaining advice in two distinct markets.

- Michelle Mujoomdar, Acting Vice-President, Evidence Standards, CADTH

This Parallel Scientific Advice service will feature a joint summary highlighting areas of alignment between the two health technology assessment agencies, as well as separate advice reports from CADTH and NICE. The engagement process will be based on one dossier submission and one joint face-to-face meeting between the pharmaceutical company, CADTH, NICE, and the experts engaged by each agency.

We recognise the inherent difficulties faced by developers in designing clinical trial programmes that meet the precise requirements of multiple international markets. This new collaboration with CADTH utilises the synergies between the English and Canadian systems and provides companies with comprehensive and practical advice from both countries through a single, streamlined process.

- Jeanette Kusel, Director of NICE Scientific Advice

Applications for Parallel Scientific Advice are now being accepted. Pharmaceutical companies interested in learning more about this opportunity are encouraged to contact CADTH at [email protected].

For more information about the CADTH Scientific Advice program, please visit: For more information about the NICE Scientific Advice program, please visit: