Principles for Deliberative Processes in Health Technology Assessment

Deliberative processes in health technology assessment (HTA) were the focus of the 2020 HTAi Global Policy Forum; this new article summarizes the discussions that were held over two days in January. Dr. Nicole Mittmann, Chief Scientist and Vice-President of Evidence Standards at CADTH, was one of eighty participants from 22 countries who attended the meeting.

The Global Policy Forum members strongly agreed that transparency, inclusivity, and impartiality are three core principles for deliberative processes in HTA. They also developed a series of actions that may be undertaken to help HTA organizations move these principles forward.

This information will help guide our ongoing work to enhance the deliberative frameworks and processes of CADTH’s three expert review committees. For more on this work, please watch Dr. Mittman’s update in our July 20 webinar on CADTH’s pharmaceutical reviews consultations (begin at the 52:10 mark).