Opioid Prescribing and Pain Management: Prescription Monitoring Program Overview and the Management of Acute Low Back Pain

CADTH has partnered with the New Brunswick Department of Health, New Brunswick Medical Society, and Choosing Wisely New Brunswick to create this module on opioid prescribing. The module provides an overview of the New Brunswick Prescription Monitoring Program and addresses the management of acute low back pain.

The learning objectives for this presentation are:

  • Describe the risks associated with opioid use (including overdose, duration of therapy, and drug combinations).
  • Review the objectives of the Prescription Monitoring Program and how it can support decision-making at the point of care.
  • Examine the appropriate management of acute low back pain in the primary care setting.
  • Identify strategies for communicating the risks associated with opioid therapy with patients.

In New Brunswick, one intended use for this tool is the development of an online accredited learning module for New Brunswick physicians. If you are interested in using or adapting this module for use in another jurisdiction, or if you are interested in the development of future modules, please contact your local Implementation Support Team Member: https://cadth.ca/contact-us/liaison-officers.