An Overview of New and Emerging Technologies for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer Disease


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Horizon Scan
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Emerging Health Technologies
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Alzheimer disease is a progressive neurologic condition that leads to the decline of cognitive functioning and eventual death. Proposed causes of Alzheimer disease include the amyloid hypothesis, which suggests Alzheimer disease is caused by a buildup of amyloid-beta and tau proteins in the brain, leading to cell death. New diagnostic tools focus on amyloid and tau proteins as potential markers of the disease, and new treatments focus on amyloid and tau formation. Timely diagnosis may allow for planning care and support needs before symptoms worsening and earlier use of available treatments which could potentially prolong quality of life. The purpose of this report is to present health care stakeholders in Canada with an overview of information related to emerging technologies to aid in the early identification of Alzheimer disease and related dementias and to summarize important considerations about potential implementation if emerging evidence demonstrates value.