Pan-Canadian Stakeholder Panel on Post–COVID-19 Condition

CADTH has identified post–COVID-19 condition as a priority area given the identified needs across many jurisdictions around how to address uncertainty and how to plan for issues related to prevention, clinical classification, diagnosis, treatment, and management of this condition. In response, CADTH has convened a pan-Canadian Stakeholder Panel to help ensure the highest priority research areas are identified, and addressed, and that Canadian decision-makers have access to the highest quality evidence to support their range of information needs. The Pan-Canadian Stakeholder Panel on Post–COVID-19 Condition provides support for the overall direction of a Condition-Level Review on this topic, which aims to identify, appraise, assess, and make accessible, evidence and information across a range of health technologies used across the care pathway for post–COVID-19 condition. An overarching goal of the Panel is to support cross-jurisdictional collaboration; reduce duplication in research efforts; and broadly share, mobilize, and implement results.

The Panel has representation from cross-jurisdictional decision-makers, clinicians actively working in the area of post–COVID-19 condition, researchers, and patient representatives.


The Panel will be engaged throughout the course of a Condition-Level Review, with specific objectives including:

  • identifying and prioritizing evidence needs for CADTH and its collaborators to pursue
  • advising on the development of an online platform to showcase results from the Panel’s efforts and the Condition-Level Review, serving as a knowledge hub for ongoing and completed research on post–COVID-19 condition, ensuring usability and functionality to support decision-making needs
  • identifying the need for an expert committee (e.g., the CADTH Health Technology Expert Review Panel) recommendations based on results of a Condition-Level Review in response to specific decision needs
  • sharing, and where feasible, mobilizing results of a post–COVID-19 Condition-Level Review, and online platform.


Table 1: The Pan-Canadian Stakeholder Panel on Post–COVID-19 Condition

Organization or specialty Name and position

Alberta Health Services

Christopher Burnie — Manager, Health Link, Specialized Services, Alberta Health Services Post–COVID Task Force

Scott Fullmer — Manager, Research Evidence and Policy

Isabel Henderson — Executive Director, Special Projects, and Co-Chair of the Alberta Health Services Post–COVID Task Force

Chester Ho — Senior Medical Director, Alberta Health Services


Sinwan Basharat — Program Development Officer

Gino De Angelis — Manager, Clinical Research

Sarah Garland — Knowledge Mobilization Officer

Amanda Manoharan — Program Development Officer

Laura Weeks — Director, Health Technology Assessment

Clinical experts

Angela Cheung — Senior Scientist, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute

Simon Décary — Assistant Professor, University of Sherbrooke

Adeera Levin — Professor of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Ministry of Long-Term Care, Ontario

Anne Hayes — Director, Research Analysis and Evaluation

Stephanie Kronfli — Senior Policy Advisor

Andrea Proctor — Manager, Evidence Synthesis

Patient representatives

Jaymie Firkus — Long COVID Canada

Beth Ann Pardo

Public Health Agency of Canada

Alejandra Jaramillo Garcia — Manager, Science Policy Unit

Francesca Reyes Domingo — Senior Epidemiologist

Meghan Grainger — Evidence Synthesis and Knowledge Translation