Post–COVID-19 Condition Treatment and Management: Rapid Living Scoping Review

( Last Updated : February 28, 2023)
Project Status:
Living Review
Project Line:
Health Technology Review
Project Sub Line:
Scoping Review
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CADTH is conducting a rapid living scoping review on the treatment and management of post–COVID-19 condition, also known as long COVID. Scoping reviews are key tools in evidence synthesis because they show how much evidence is available in a certain area and identify gaps where more research is needed. The report will be updated over time to incorporate relevant new evidence as it becomes available.

To accompany this review, CADTH has developed an interactive dashboard that summarizes key findings from the scoping review. The online map allows users to filter by category and directly access the included publications.

This scoping review is part of a wider program of focus for CADTH to produce a collection of work on long COVID that relates to the prevention, diagnosis, classification, and treatment of the condition.