PRESS translations

We are grateful to communities of practice who have translated PRESS for their research purposes. If you are interested in translating components of PRESS into a language other than English or French, please email [email protected] (Send to the attention of the Director, Research Information Services) to seek permission.  

User-Provided Translations  

Please refer to footnotes within the translated forms for guidance on how to cite translations of PRESS components.  

Language  Table 8: PRESS 2015 guideline   
recommendations for librarian practice  
Table 9: PRESS 2015   
evidence-based checklist  
Table 10: PRESS guideline assessment   
form (PRESS checklist form)
Portuguese (Brazilian) Tabela 8 Tabela 9 Tabela 10
Spanish (forthcoming)   - - -
Dutch    Tabel 8 Tabel 9 Tabel 10