Methodology Behind CADTH’s 2022 Health Technology Trends to Watch

The development of CADTH’s 2022 Health Technology Trends to Watch list was broadly guided by the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership process. This is a snapshot of the process; for complete details, please consult Appendix 1: Methodology in the published report.

CADTH would like to thank the health care decision-makers, patients, clinicians, industry representatives, and academics who generously shared their time, experience, and insight throughout this process.

Creating a Working Group

CADTH formed a working group that included CADTH staff and 6 external health care and technology innovation experts to guide the priority setting process. The working group facilitated outreach with stakeholders and developed a short list of technologies and trends to be considered for the final top 10 list.

Gathering Evidence

An online survey of people who live or work in Canada was used to identify new and emerging health technologies that could potentially disrupt Canada’s health care system in the next 2 years. A total of 128 respondents completed the survey.

Summarizing the Evidence

CADTH researchers reviewed all survey responses and removed out-of-scope items to create a long list of unique technologies and trends. Content analysis was used to organize the participants’ responses into meaningful technologies and trends categories. The responses were also used to inform summary descriptions about the trends, their potential impact, and reasons for their disruptiveness to the Canadian health care system.

Checking the Evidence

A targeted grey literature search was used to identify publicly available technology trends lists to ensure no key technologies or trends were missed.

Setting Interim Priorities

The working group narrowed down the long list to 15 to 20 technologies and trends. The working group was provided with a summary of the survey responses for each item and a set of guiding questions about the innovative and disruptive nature of each item. After deliberating, the working group produced a short list of 16 technologies and trends.


The final workshop brought together 20 stakeholders to identify and prioritize the top 10 items from the short list of 16 technologies and trends. To ensure a balanced and diverse range of perspectives, workshop participants included people with lived experiences with health technologies, consumer advocates, health care professionals, government policy analysts, academic researchers, and industry representatives. During the workshop, participants reached consensus about the top 10 list and their ranking order for the 2022 Health Technology Trends to Watch list .

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