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Consumer Intervention: Consumer system participation


Strategies to involve consumers in decision making processes on medicines prescribing and use at a system level, such as in research planning, formulary and policy decisions. Interventions can involve consumers in different roles, such as planning, research, audit and review and governance.


A single review indicates there is some evidence that medicines information materials developed with consumer involvement can increase knowledge and side-effect recognition, without increasing anxiety — they are generally effective.

Summary of Overall Findings from Reviews

Summary of Findings Related to Prescribing

A single high quality review assessed the effectiveness of consumer participation in different system-level roles (Nilsen 2006). Better knowledge and side-effect recognition, without increased anxiety, were reported where patient information materials were developed with consumer input, compared with that developed by professionals. However results were based on a single study and so are limited; and may not apply to consumer participation in other systems-level roles.

Reviews listed as "Summary Pending" will be analyzed, summarized and reported at a later date.

The findings will then be incorporated in the overall evidence summaries of the interventions they address.

Reviews Addressing This Intervention Quality Assessment Tool:
AMSTAR Score (of 11 points)
Nilsen ES, Myrhaug HT, Johansen M, Oliver S, Oxman AD. Methods of consumer involvement in developing healthcare policy and research, clinical practice guidelines and patient information material. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2006 3:CD004563. 9 (High)