Building Inclusive Health Care Services: A Rapid Qualitative Review


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Summary with Critical Appraisal
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  1. How do people (e.g., community members, practitioners, funders) engaged with health care services (e.g., community health programs or private practice) that are situated within Indigenous communities, or largely oriented toward Indigenous peoples, conceptualize inclusive care? a. How did people describe the conditions of development, implementation and daily practice that contribute to the inclusivity (or not) of their health care services? b. How have these studies framed and engaged with the terminology of inclusivity (or related terminology of diversity, accessibility, cultural safety or awareness, etc.)?

Key Message

Building inclusive health care services with Indigenous peoples is not the exclusive domain of settler service providers, but requires ongoing participation of, direction and oversight from Indigenous peoples living in the locations where services will be or are currently located.Building inclusive health care services begins at the stage of identifying exclusion through the examination of assumptions and norms across all levels of service provision (e.g., individual, interpersonal, institutional, systemic) This process involves ongoing critical reflection on the part of leaders and practitioners of the ways in which individual behaviors and institutional or systemic attributes may reinforce and perform exclusion.Building inclusive health care services requires ongoing development and uptake of practices directed at addressing the specificity of these exclusions in health care service provision. Building inclusive health care services requires ongoing consideration of the external factors relevant to the specific service area and exploration of opportunities to reframe inclusion from how can we bring or include Indigenous peoples into our care services to how can we participate and include our practice into the lived realities of the communities we are situated within.