Cannabis for Opioid Use Disorder


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Health Technology Review
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Rapid Review
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  1. What is the clinical effectiveness of cannabis for the management of opioid use disorder?
  2. What are the evidence-based guidelines regarding the use of cannabis for the management of opioid use disorder?

Key Message

  • Evidence is inconsistent and of very low to moderate quality for the clinical effectiveness of cannabis regarding treatment retention and adherence, craving and withdrawal symptoms, or illicit opioid or other substance use. There is lack of consensus in the included publications as to whether use of cannabis in opioid use disorder is beneficial or detrimental.
  • No evidence of an impact of cannabis on quality of life, functioning, satisfaction, relapse, hospitalizations, or overdoses in people with opioid use disorder was identified.
  • One evidence-based guideline developed by health care and allied health professionals in Canada strongly recommends against the use of cannabinoids for the treatment of opioid use disorder in the primary care setting due to no or inconclusive evidence.