Dementia Concerns and Considerations: A CADTH Panel of People With Lived Experience


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Health Technology Review
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Technology Review
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EH0107-000 - HC0022-000

As the number of Canadians living with dementia rises, so does the demand for dementia-related care across the country.

CADTH facilitated a roundtable discussion to hear about patients’ and caregivers’ experiences to understand the needs that currently exist for dementia care in Canada. Panellists highlighted the need for care, treatment, supports, and services that prioritize personhood; are inclusive of individuals with young-onset dementia; strike a balance between safety and empowerment; help with navigating the health care system; and involve dignified and respectful communication.

Supporting people transitioning into dementia and their loved ones will require meaningful involvement of individuals during planning, development, and delivery of treatment, supports, and services.

These insights will be available for upcoming CADTH reviews of medical procedures, devices, diagnostics, and drugs related to dementia. They will also be used to identify health technologies and potential topics for future CADTH work about dementia.