Emergency Department Overcrowding

Stakeholder Engagement

To enhance the quality of CADTH’s work and its relevance to those most affected by ED overcrowding, CADTH held 3 multistakeholder dialogue sessions with patients, families, community members, ED staff, and ED trainees.

The purpose of these dialogue sessions was to:

  • understand and discuss interim CADTH findings
  • hear perspectives about local context and implementation issues
  • identify and discuss essential concerns for patients, families, ED staff, and trainees.

Key Messages

The perspectives and feedback from a range of stakeholders who participated in CADTH’s 3 multistakeholder dialogue sessions were as follows:

  • ED overcrowding is a symptom of a wider health care system dysfunction; namely:
    • a limited number of long-term care beds in the community
    • a limited amount of health care resources in the community .
  • Solutions to ED overcrowding should:
    • address accountability and promote integration across health care systems
    • be driven by the specific needs of the population
    • leverage technologies and data.

Emergency Department Overcrowding in Canada: Multistakeholder Dialogue

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