Evaluations of Virtual Care

( Last Updated : November 15, 2021)
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In Progress
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Health Technology Review
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Environmental Scan
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This Environmental Scan aims to:

  • identify methods, standards, and guidelines being used in Canada and other countries for evaluating virtual care (with a focus on economic evaluation and outcomes-based evaluation), specifically regarding interactions between health care providers and patients.
  • identify Canadian and international evaluations of virtual care that address interactions between health care providers and patients, and the economic aspect of virtual care.
  • summarize the methodologies and other relevant information (e.g., inputs, outcomes, measures of value, considerations, lessons learned) from the identified evaluation methods, standards, guidelines, and completed evaluations.

For the purpose of this work, the focus is on interactions between physicians/health teams and patients, either synchronously or asynchronously. Other digital health interventions or devices (e.g., remote monitoring) are beyond the scope of this scan.

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Consultation document: Draft Environmental Scan Report
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Product Line: Health Technology Review
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Project Number: ES0358-000