Evidence on Digital Health

Here, you’ll find the most recent CADTH reports and resources on topics related to digital health. From clinical applications of artificial intelligence, to the provision of health care over the internet, to wearables that track and transmit health information, these innovations are changing medicine — potentially increasing access to health care and making it more convenient for patients. 

For the purpose of organizing content into the Telemedicine and Telehealth categories, these terms are defined as:

  • Telemedicine: The use of telecommunications technologies (e.g., telephone, smart phone, or video conferencing) for delivering clinical care such as medical treatment, monitoring, and diagnostic services.
  • Telehealth: The use of telecommunications technologies and electronic technologies (e.g., the internet and streaming media) for delivering a broader range of both clinical and non-clinical services, including consultations, health-related education, public health information, and social or peer support.

This field is rapidly evolving, and this bundle will be regularly updated as new evidence becomes available.

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