Midline and Extended Dwell Catheters for IV Antibiotics


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Health Technology Review
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Rapid Review
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  1. What is the clinical effectiveness of a midline catheter versus and an extended dwell catheter for delivering IV peripherally compatible antibiotics in adults?
  2. What are the evidence-based guidelines regarding midline and extended dwell catheters for delivering IV peripherally compatible antibiotics in adults?

Key Message

Midline catheters may be associated with longer uncomplicated indwelling time and a lower overall risk of catheter-related complications than extended dwell catheters. The rates of catheter-related complications were low across different peripheral catheter types. Midline catheters may have a lower proportion of catheter-related bloodstream infections, drug leakage from the exit site, and complete catheter occlusion, but a higher proportion of catheter-related thrombosis events compared with extended dwell catheters. The findings were derived from 1 retrospective cohort study with imbalanced baseline characteristics of patients, and the limitations of the study may have favoured midline catheters; future studies are needed to confirm our findings. We did not find any systematic reviews, health technology assessments, randomized controlled trials, or evidence-based guidelines that met our inclusion criteria.