CADTH Advisory Panel Report Recommends Framework for Potential Pan-Canadian Formulary

CADTH is pleased to announce the release of a new report entitled Building Toward a Potential Pan-Canadian Formulary: A Report From the Advisory Panel.

In July 2021, the Government of Canada approached CADTH to develop a recommended framework for creating and managing a potential pan-Canadian prescription drug list (or formulary). CADTH convened a multidisciplinary advisory panel to undertake this work.

The Advisory Panel’s final report contains a series of non-binding recommendations, including 6 guiding principles and a proposed staged approach for developing a formulary. The report’s appendices include sample lists of drugs in 3 therapeutic areas — cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and psychiatric illnesses — developed as a proof of concept using the proposed framework.

The Advisory Panel’s final report was submitted to Health Canada and shared with provincial and territorial governments late last week.

People in Canada still face significant barriers to equitable access to prescription drugs, even when they’re insured. On behalf of the Advisory Panel, we hope this report will contribute to the national conversation about a pan-Canadian formulary within a national pharmacare program, and the issues related to access, affordability, and appropriate use of prescription drugs in our health care systems.