CADTH Launches Consultations on Proposals to Enhance Drug Review Processes

Proposals aim to help improve the accessibility and appropriate use of publicly funded drugs

CADTH has launched consultations on a proposed process for non-sponsored reimbursement reviews and a streamlined process for drug class reviews.

Non-Sponsored Reimbursement Reviews

Currently, a sponsor (a drug manufacturer or a provincially recognized tumour group) must initiate a CADTH reimbursement review by filing an application with us. But there are scenarios where a sponsor is unwilling or unable to file an application. These scenarios can involve drugs that are approved for small patient populations (like pediatrics), are nearing the end of their exclusivity (e.g., patent protection), or are not approved by Health Canada for a particular clinical indication but are known to be used in Canadian clinical practice. 

In proposing new non-sponsored reimbursement reviews, CADTH is looking to provide participating public drug plans with fit-for-purpose reimbursement recommendations for selected drugs that are not filed with us by eligible sponsors.

Through this process, our goal is to:

  • improve patient access to drugs
  • respond to evolving decision-making needs and add greater flexibility to existing drug review processes
  • minimize duplication of effort among public drug plans that may otherwise conduct their own value assessments
  • help public drug plans realize benefits from previously approved drugs that may have valuable new uses.

New Streamlined Drug Class Reviews 

A CADTH Therapeutic Review is a review of a therapeutic category or class of drugs that supports decision-making and formulary management and encourages the appropriate use of drugs. It involves a review of clinical evidence and economic evidence and, typically, the development of a new economic model.

Following consultations with participating public drug programs, CADTH is proposing a new Streamlined Drug Class Review process that is more efficient and expands our ability to flexibly deliver evidence and analysis.

Through this process our goal is to:

  • create a process that allows CADTH to leverage existing published evidence where a new meta-analysis or economic analysis is not required
  • drive efficiencies and deliver evidence that meets the pace of decision-making needs
  • deliver assessments and recommendations from a CADTH expert committee that can help improve the appropriate use of drugs.

Full details on each proposed approach can be found in the related background papers. Stakeholders are invited to provide their views by April 14, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. ET using the online submission forms. These consultations were officially communicated in Pharmaceutical Reviews Update — Issue 28

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