CADTH Launches Post-Market Drug Evaluation Program

CADTH is pleased to announce the launch of its new Post-Market Drug Evaluation Program.

This important initiative fills a key gap in Canada’s drug safety and effectiveness landscape and is an exciting example of how CADTH is delivering on the “Innovate” pillar from its 2022-2025 Strategic Plan.

Uncertainties about the long-term safety, effectiveness, and appropriate use of drugs can occur after they have received regulatory approval for real-world use. Additionally, accelerated drug development and the growing demand for rapid access have amplified the need for post-market surveillance.

With the launch of the Post-Market Drug Evaluation Program, CADTH is expanding its role in the management of pharmaceuticals in Canada and helping unleash the value of drug health technologies across their lifespan.

CADTH’s Scientific Advice program offers pharmaceutical companies pre-market advice on their early drug development plans from a Canadian health technology assessment perspective. Its Reimbursement Review program provides public drug plans with reimbursement recommendations for drugs entering the Canadian market.

And now, CADTH's Post-Market Drug Evaluation Program provides senior government decision-makers with information and advice regarding the safety, effectiveness, and appropriate use of drugs already in our health systems.

The cornerstone of the Post-Market Drug Evaluation Program is the CoLab — an evidence-generation network comprised of experts in applied research, drug evaluation methodologies, and data analysis from across Canada. It will answer questions from senior government decision-makers with timely and targeted evidence reviews based on real-world data.

More information about CADTH’s Post-Market Drug Evaluation Program and the CoLab network is available online.