Consultation on Updated Procedures for Provisional Funding Algorithms

Current Consultation Status: Open 
Consultation Period: March 28, 2024, to April 26, 2024

CADTH is updating the procedures for provisional funding algorithms as part of our commitment to examine new ways of working and our ongoing efforts to improve the drug reimbursement pathway.

The provisional algorithm process is used to give advice to drug programs when they have indicated a need to harmonize the place in therapy for the funding of the drug under review relative to alternative treatments that are currently reimbursed by the public drug programs. The process helps to determine the impact of new therapies on the existing reimbursement sequence. We are updating the provisional funding algorithm procedures to align our process with our strategic objectives and implement stakeholder feedback regarding the transparency and timeliness of our work.

Some highlights from the proposed process updates include:

  • initiating provisional funding algorithms earlier to help us deliver final reports closer to a final reimbursement recommendation for an oncology product (potentially 30 to 40 days earlier)
  • more opportunities and time for stakeholder engagement (e.g., increasing stakeholder input period from 10 business days to 35 business days)
  • publicly posting stakeholder feedback on our website to enhance transparency.

Goals of the Consultation

The goal of this consultation is to gather stakeholder feedback on aspects of the draft updated procedures. Feedback from stakeholders will be used to amend the procedures before a final version is published in May 2024.

How to Participate

All contributors should review the draft procedures and use the template provided to submit their feedback electronically. The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 26, 2024. 

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Contact Us

Questions about the consultation should be sent to [email protected] with the subject line “Consultation — Provisional Funding Algorithms.”


The draft procedures document is posted for public consultation and feedback purposes only. Users should continue to follow the current procedures until we announce the effective date for updated procedures.