Our Commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility

We are pleased to share our official IDEA Statement, recently approved by our Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team.  

This statement demonstrates our commitment to integrating inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) into our work within health systems, representing the multiple perspectives and diversity within Canada’s population.  

The statement was a year-long collaborative effort that was informed by discussions, guidance, and input from several groups, including:  

  • employees (with workshops representing employees across business units) 
  • the Executive Leadership Team
  • the Board of Directors
  • the Patient and Community Advisory Committee
  • the pan-Canadian Health Organization working group on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

This summer, we’ll be working on an IDEA strategy and action plan outlining our commitments focused on:  

  • specific and measurable outcomes and appropriate timelines
  • distribution of accountabilities, responsibilities, and expectations across all levels within the organization
  • transparent internal and external communication and reporting on progress and benchmarking.

The IDEA strategy and action plan will be reviewed annually, with oversight from the board, to ensure that the statement and strategy remain organizational priorities and align with other strategies.

We also acknowledge the critical need for Indigenous perspectives in Canadian health care systems. As a health systems leader, we affirm our commitment to Reconciliation through our Statement of Reconciliation.