pCODR Registration

Welcome. To submit and contribute drug review information, input, and/or feedback online, you must be registered with CADTH's pan-Canadian Oncology Drug Review (pCODR). You may be eligible to register if you are a:

Please review the following eligibility criteria before submitting an Online Registration form. If you have already registered, you may log in.

Eligibility Criteria

To register with pCODR, you must meet all the criteria in one of the following categories:

Patient Advocacy Group

  1. You are a member of a patient advocacy or care group
  2. Your patient group:
    • has a mandate that pre-dates the decision to register with pCODR
    • has a means of contacting and communicating with its membership, and
    • represents patients or caregivers impacted by cancer

Note: Individual patients and caregivers who wish to submit input for a pCODR drug review should first contact CADTH at [email protected] to confirm the absence of a relevant patient group.


  1. You are an actively practising oncologist or physician treating cancer patients, an oncology pharmacist,a or an oncology nurse;a and
  2. You submit a declaration of conflict of interest.

a Note: The input from an oncology pharmacist and oncology nurse must be part of a joint submission with a registered oncologist or a physician treating cancer.

Tumour Group

  1. You are a clinician member of a tumour group
  2. The tumour group is affiliated with and recognized by a provincial cancer agency or one of the provincial or territorial Ministries of Health.

Drug Manufacturer

  1. You are an employee or representative of a drug manufacturer
  2. The drug manufacturer:
    • produces and distributes drugs used for the active treatment of cancer
    • has previously submitted to Health Canada for market authorization purposes
    • intends to submit a drug to CADTH for pCODR review.

How to Register for the CADTH Collaborative Workspaces - Pharmaceutical Reviews

Note: It is important to have your registration completed in advance of CADTH Pharmaceutical Reviews deadlines for submitting information, input, and/or feedback.

Step 1 Review and confirm that you meet the CDR or pCODR  registration criteria.

Step 2

  • Complete and submit the registration form for pCODR. Multiple registrants per group are allowed.
  • If you already have an account and require access to submit to another drug program please complete the Request Additional Program Access Form. The information submitted will be reviewed and verified by CADTH.

Step 3

Within two business days of submitting your registration request, you will receive an email from CADTH with instructions on the final steps for completing your registration.

Step 4

Complete the steps outlined in the email. Your email address will be your username and you will also be required to create a password. These credentials will then allow you to log in to CADTH’s secure Collaborative Workspaces.

When you log in as a user, you will be automatically directed to one of four pages based on your profile: drug manufacturer, tumour group, patient group, or clinician.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please send us an email at [email protected].