A Look Ahead

2023 – 2024 Annual Report

The Year Ahead

In an environment of accelerated technological advancements and growing demand for data and evidence, we are poised to play a pivotal role in readying decision-makers for change. 

In the year ahead, health systems will continue to grapple with challenges stemming from health human resources, inflation, pandemic recovery, rising drug budgets, a growing pipeline of advanced drugs and health technologies, more complex drug delivery systems, and the promise and risk of artificial intelligence, to name a few. These challenges present new opportunities for health systems to leverage technologies and build new capabilities to deliver better outcomes. 

Becoming Canada's Drug Agency

With a roadmap in hand and the alignment of our vision and goals across the organization, we are well positioned to become Canada’s Drug Agency. We will continue meeting the varied needs of pan-Canadian health systems and offer the leadership and coordination that will help make Canada’s drug system more sustainable and future-ready.

Our Role and Activities

Decision-makers will continue to turn to us for future-focused evidence, nuanced analysis, and guidance in the face of uncertainty. In return, we will centre our work around impact, nurture relationships with our partners, and continue reshaping how evidence can be used to drive access, quality, value, and sustainability.

Activities in the year ahead will see us expand our capacity for purpose-focused multistakeholder engagement and consultation, to bring additional perspectives to the fore. The launch of our organizational IDEA statement will help us continue advancing our bold but achievable objectives. We will apply learnings around single device assessments and grow our ability to support formulary management across a drug’s life cycle. We will also support the government’s National Strategy for Drugs for Rare Diseases through expert guidance and investment in building Canada’s disease-based registries.

Thank You to Our Valued Partners

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our work in 2023–2024.

We sincerely appreciate the guidance from our advisory committees and knowledge shared by our expert committees, as well as from industry, clinicians, Indigenous leaders, and patient and caregiver groups. We also appreciate the partnership of the PCHOs who work with us on a range of priorities. We are grateful for their continued engagement with our efforts and confidence in our work.