2023 – 2024 Annual Report

We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished this year, but we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

Reports and Recommendations Published

Chart of Reports and Recommendations: 55 Industry-sponsored Reimbursement Reviews; 22 Payer-sponsored Reviews; 21 Horizon Scans; 100 Health Technology Reviews; 32 Reference Lists; 22 Specialized products and services.

Associations That Contributed to Our Reviews

Total associations in our reviews: 1 patient association, clinician group, and/or industry involved in 144 reviews. 152 clinical groups, 84 patient associations, 59 pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

166 Industry Meetings

We offer presubmission and pipeline meetings to industry to help facilitate the preparation and filing of applications. In addition, we have been examining opportunities to improve engagement with industry sponsors, and have been able to accommodate additional meetings on an ad hoc basis to resolve potential issues in a timely manner.

166 Industry Meetings breakdown: 64 Presubmission and pipeline; 76 ad hoc; 12 reconsideration; 14 Health Canada presubmission submission.

Pre–Notice of Compliance Submissions and Aligned Review Participation

Proportion of Submissions Filed on Pre–Notice of Compliance Basis

Any submission may be filed on a pre-NOC basis up to 180 calendar days in advance of the anticipated date of decision by Health Canada. Participation in the pre-NOC submission process is encouraged to limit the interval between Health Canada approval and the issuance of the CADTH reimbursement recommendation. In the 2023-2024 FY, 46 of 67 initial submissions were filed on a pre-NOC basis.


Proportion of Eligible Submissions Filed Using the Aligned Review Process

As described in Health Canada’s Notice to Industry: Aligned Reviews Between Health Canada and Health Technology Assessment Organizations, an optional information-sharing process for submissions filed with CADTH on a pre-NOC basis has been established to permit Health Canada and CADTH to exchange information regarding a drug under review. Participation in this process can ensure that CADTH has advance notice of any issues that have the potential to have an impact on CADTH’s review of a drug (e.g., changes to the indicated patient population), which can help avoid delays in the issuance of CADTH’s recommendations. Sponsors consented to participation in the aligned review process for 37 of 46 submissions filed on a pre-NOC basis in the 2023–2024 fiscal year.


Formulary Management Expert Committee Activity

The Formulary Management Expert Committee (FMEC) is an interim committee that provides recommendations for the organization’s nonsponsored single drug reviews, streamlined drug class reviews, and therapeutic reviews, as requested by federal, provincial, and territorial governments; drug plans; and cancer agencies.

Formulary Management Expert Committee Meetings: 32 updated single drug recommendations (6 active, 26 complete); 3 Therapeutic reviews (2 active, 1 complete); 15 Non-sponsored reviews (9 active, 6 complete).

Symposium 2023

Symposium 2023 was held from May 16, 2023, to May 18, 2023, and saw the highest attendance of any Symposium (with registration fees) to date.

Images: 1,044 attendees, 11 plenary speakers, 60 posters, 181 concurrent speakers, 119,000 social media impressions.

Digital Channel Activity

Traffic statistics and activity for and our official social channels.

Traffic growth to from 1,331,873 visits in 2021-2022 to 2,649,636 in 2023-2024. Average time on site: 88 seconds, engagement rate: 37.4%.

2024 visits: Canada 1,337,960; United States 788,801; France 101,764; United Kingdom 65,480; India 62,047.

Social Media Channel Activity

LinkedIn activity: 16,511 followers; 127 posts; 343.5 thousand impressions; 4,991 likes; 259 shares; +43% increase in followers vs. 2022-2023. X activity: 20,103 followers; 640 posts; 447,600 impressions; 1,533 likes; 636 shares; -4.1% decrease in followers vs. 2022-2023. Facebook: 1,308 followers; 198 posts; 83,300 impressions; 279 likes; 16 shares; +5.8% increase in followers vs. 2022-2023.