Looking Ahead

Enabling future-ready care

Looking Ahead

Emerging global and pan-Canadian trends are shaping the future of health care. The foundational importance of health technologies in our health systems has only grown, as these drugs, devices, and digital technologies continue to change the way health care is designed and delivered.

In 2022, CADTH showed that we can respond to these dynamics and grow along with the evolving drug and device decision-making landscape. In the year ahead, with our strategic plan as our north star, and the pillars of anticipate, innovate, and transform as our anchors, we will centre our work around impact. We will maximize our efforts to directly inform the decisions and actions undertaken by policy-makers, in the work of researchers and clinicians, and in the lives of patients.

Delivering trusted evidence, timely insights, and nuanced advice will remain our primary focus. What does this mean in practical terms? It means that CADTH will:

  • identify and implement improvements that will enhance and streamline the pathway that brings effective drugs to patients in Canada
  • advance how CADTH incorporates RWE into our evidence products and help optimize its use in Canada’s reimbursement landscape
  • strengthen our relationships with health partners and pan-Canadian health organizations, and find new ways to meaningfully engage with patient organizations and the life sciences, biotech, and digital health industries
  • be leaders in the science of HTA, continually learning and embracing methodologies and data that will strengthen the impact of our work
  • build a highly engaged workforce that is equipped meet the challenges ahead.

Last year CADTH’s 5-year contribution agreement with Health Canada was extended by 1 year. We welcome the opportunity to continue work with Health Canada in the year ahead to ensure we are equipped to support the Government of Canada’s efforts to enhance the health and wellbeing of people in Canada.

Thank You to Our Valued Stakeholder Community

Thank you to everyone who contributed to CADTH’s work in 2022–2023.

We sincerely appreciate the guidance from our advisory committees, and knowledge shared by our expert committees, as well as from industry, clinicians, Indigenous leaders, and patient groups. We also recognize the partnership of the other pan-Canadian health organizations.