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CADTH was established in 1989 by Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments to be a trusted source of independent information and advice for the country’s publicly funded health care systems. Health administrators and policy experts rely on CADTH to help inform their decisions about the life cycle management of drugs, devices, and services used to prevent, diagnose, and treat medical conditions.

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Our People

Our employees are the engine that propels CADTH forward and the driving force that helps us power evidence-informed health technology decisions. They come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique skills to CADTH that help us navigate the shifting health care landscape, deliver results, and set new standards moving forward.

We are proud that CADTH employees are inspired to give back to their communities through volunteer opportunities at the individual and organization-wide levels. This includes contributions through “HTA Gives Back” and other staff-led fundraising initiatives. In 2022, more than 65 employees, family members, and friends volunteered at the CADTH Water Station, 1 of the most popular hydration stations along the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend running route.