Post-Market Drug Evaluation Advisory Committee

( Last Updated : October 1, 2022)

The Post-Market Drug Evaluation (PMDE) Advisory Committee is a multi-disciplinary group that provides credible, strategic PMDE advice and expertise to CADTH on queries, strategic initiatives, and key priority areas.

The members of the Advisory Committee include decision-makers, applied researchers, methodologists and/or analysts, patients and/or caregivers, clinicians, industry representatives, PMDE Network (CoLab) members, and PMDE Operations Centre staff. Its size and composition reflect the program’s commitment to be operationally responsive to changes in the pharmaceutical environment, and position CADTH to enable future-ready health care by responding to the evidence needs of decision-makers.

PMDE Advisory Committee reports to the CADTH president and CEO. Members must abide by the CADTH Conflict of Interest Guidelines as well as the CADTH Code of Conduct.