Flash Glucose Monitoring System FreeStyle Libre to Monitor Glycemia in Patients With Diabetes


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Health Technology Review
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Technology Review
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Devices to monitor glycemia have recently evolved to reduce the number of steps required as compared with the traditional approach — i.e., the self-monitoring of blood glucose using test strips. One of these devices is FreeStyle Libre, which uses a technology called a flash glucose monitoring system (FGMS). An FGMS enables patients to measure their glycemia without the routine pricking of their fingers.

An increasing number of jurisdictional drug plans in Canada are evaluating the option of reimbursing this FGMS. Two Canadian jurisdictions have commissioned their own health technology assessment (HTA) of this technology; funding recommendations were also developed.

The objective of this Technology Review is to synthesize key findings from the two Canadian HTA reports. Recommendations from jurisdictional committees will also be summarized. In addition, consideration may be given to CADTH gathering an Implementation Advice Panel to advise on the implementation of these recommendations.