Digital Health Week

November 14 to 20

In celebration of Digital Health Week, CADTH is proud to share some of the evidence we have delivered to inform decisions about digital health technologies in categories that span artificial intelligence, smartphone apps, virtual care, and more.

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2022 Health Technology Trends to Watch

Health technologies are a cornerstone of our health systems, and in the wake of COVID-19, decision-makers are rethinking how they prepare for innovation and the uncertainty that comes with rapid advances in health technologies. CADTH’s annual watch list identifies the emerging trends health system leaders need to know about today, so they can readily adapt tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

CADTH’s Canadian Medical Imaging Inventory (CMII) is Canada’s most comprehensive source of information on medical imaging capacity. The inventory offers insight on the integration of artificial intelligence into modalities such as CT, MRI, PET-CT, SPECT, and SPECT-CT.

Horizon Scans

CADTH Horizon Scans summarize “what we know so far” about new and developing health technologies that could substantially impact the delivery of health care over the next 2 to 3 years.

Insight From CADTH

Health system leaders have an ongoing need for evidence to inform decisions about the integration of virtual care into the overall continuum of care. In a recent Hospital News article, CADTH authors discussed evidence-based guidelines for the appropriate use of virtual care in primary and specialty care.

Advancing Global Collaboration

Through our recently announced partnership with 5 global health technology assessment bodies, CADTH is advancing our international collaboration. A priority area for substantive work is digital health and artificial intelligence, where there is a critical need to understand regulatory developments and explore health technology assessment evidence requirements.

What’s Ahead

  • Publication of a rapid scoping exercise to map out the current evidence landscape on virtual care and identify knowledge gaps
  • 2023 Health Technology Trends to Watch
  • New Horizon Scans that explore technologies that allow freedom for people living with dementia , as well as augmented reality

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