Real-World Evidence Steering Committee

The Real-World Evidence Steering Committee is a collaborative initiative, chaired by CADTH, responsible for supporting the development of a pan-Canadian strategic framework (infrastructure and process) for the use of RWE in regulatory and reimbursement decision-making for drug products by publicly funded programs in Canada.

Steering Committee Membership

The Steering Committee is chaired by CADTH and Health Canada and includes the following members:


The pan-Canadian member organizations that are part of the Steering Committee may each appoint 2 representatives to the committee.


In addition, the committee will call upon expert members. These expert members will be selected based on their knowledge and expertise with respect to RWE and a particular project. Expert members may be patients, health care providers, academics, ethicists, payers, or health policy decision-makers.

Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the RWE Steering Committee are to:

  • guide and support the development of a strategic framework for the optimal integration of RWE into regulatory and health technology assessment (HTA) programs and health care decision-making
  • provide guidance on the development of learning projects about RWE for health care decision-making
  • provide guidance on the development of collaborative processes between Health Canada and other organizations involved in health care decision-making that facilitate the optimal integration of RWE
  • provide oversight to the RWE Steering Committee working groups. 


The RWE Steering Committee meets a minimum of 4 times per year. A written summary of the RWE Steering Committee meetings will be posted on the CADTH website within 60 days of the meeting. Links to meeting summaries are provided below: