Self-Sampling Devices for HPV Testing


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Horizon Scan
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Emerging Health Technologies
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This Horizon Scan summarizes the available information regarding the use of self-sampling devices for HPV testing as part of cervical cancer screening programs.

HPV testing for primary cervical cancer screening is not currently a part of any Canadian screening programs. However, several provinces are in the process of implementation and some pilot testing.

Self-sampling is generally as accurate as clinician-collected sampling for HPV testing.

Self-sampling devices for HPV testing could likely be used to increase participation in cervical cancer screening programs.

Self-sampling for primary HPV screening has been found to be highly acceptable to study participants.

Culturally appropriate care, appropriate educational materials, and providing people with choice in the screening process may contribute to increased uptake of cervical cancer screening.

Health care providers have identified self-sampling as an area in which they might benefit from increased knowledge and training.