Real World Evidence Collaborative Partnerships Strategy

CADTH recognizes the importance of developing strong relationships with key stakeholders and increasing coordination with other pan-Canadian health organizations to optimize the use of real-world evidence to support decision-making about care for rare diseases. 

With support and guidance from Health Canada and multiple pan-Canadian stakeholders on the  Real-World Evidence Steering Committee, CADTH is working to both increase and enhance communication and collaboration to better meet the  needs of decision-makers. 

As part of this work, CADTH is participating in national and international real-world evidence and rare disease initiatives and in collaborative “learning by doing” projects. 

International Initiatives in Real-World Evidence and Real-World Data

CADTH is currently participating in several international initiatives:

Pan-Canadian Initiatives in Real-World Evidence and Real-World Data

CADTH and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) have agreed to work collaboratively to explore the generation of real-world Canadian data about the natural history and care of rare diseases. Read about the CADTH and CIHI Real-World Evidence Feasibility Collaboration.