New at CADTH — June 2022

( Last Updated : June 8, 2022)
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New at CADTH


Corporate News and Events

  1. CADTH Hosts a National Roundtable on Models of Care for Long COVID
    As a trusted partner and convenor of health system leaders, CADTH supported jurisdictional efforts to address post–COVID-19 condition by convening an invitational roundtable on June 1, 2022. Learn more.
  2. Information Session — “What We Heard” Regarding the Proposed Framework for a Potential Pan-Canadian Formulary
    Join us on June 9, 2022, as Dr. Alexandra King and Mr. Allen Lefebvre, co-chairs of the Pan-Canadian Advisory Panel on a Framework for a Prescription Drug List, discuss highlights of the feedback heard from consultations on the development of a framework for a potential pan-Canadian prescription drug list (or formulary). Registration is required.

CADTH Reports and Recommendations

Reimbursement Reviews

Drug funding recommendations for Canada's federal, provincial, and territorial public drug programs. Reimbursement recommendations are based on comprehensive assessments of the clinical and pharmacoeconomic evidence, as well as input from pharmaceutical companies, clinicians, and patient groups.

CADTH Horizon Scans

Information about new and emerging health technologies that could impact the delivery of care in Canada.

CADTH Health Technology Reviews

Independent assessments of health technologies. Assessments consist of 1, or a combination, of the following: an environmental scan, a rapid review, a clinical (or systematic) review, an economic review, and a review of patient perspectives. They may also include an assessment of the legal, ethical, social, implementation, environmental, and policy implications of the health technology. Recommendations on the appropriate use of health technologies are provided where applicable.

CADTH Reference Lists

Lists of the publicly available and grey literature that identify the evidence and the gaps in the scientific literature.

Other CADTH Tools

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