The CADTH Scientific Advice Program is a voluntary, fee-for-service consultation offered to pharmaceutical companies. Through this Program, CADTH offers advice on early drug development plans from a health technology assessment perspective.

CADTH Scientific Advice is offered at an early point in the drug development process before development plans have been finalized. This provides pharmaceutical companies with an opportunity to adjust their development plans based on advice from CADTH. CADTH Scientific Advice is non-binding and confidential.

In developing the Scientific Advice Program, CADTH considered feedback from initial consultations with pharmaceutical companies through Rx&D and BIOTECanada, advice and guidance from other health technology assessment agencies providing this service, and specific needs related to the CADTH/Canadian context. In addition, CADTH considered feedback from pharmaceutical companies through a formal consultation open to the full membership of Rx&D and BIOTECanada. Feedback from the consultation resulted in process changes to optimize the Program, as well as clarifications and enhancements to information provided on this website. CADTH encourages applicants to provide feedback via the survey issued at the close of each project.

Apply for CADTH Scientific Advice.