Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee

( Last Updated : January 23, 2020)

The Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee comprises representatives from the federal, provincial, and territorial publicly funded drug plans and other related health organizations. The Pharmaceutical Advisory Committee provides strategic advice on drug policy issues, including cancer-specific issues and drug topics, to CADTH and its Board. Committee members also facilitate the effective jurisdictional sharing of drug policy information.

Terms of Reference



Ontario Health

Scott Gavura


Government of Manitoba

Patricia Caetano

Saskatchewan Ministry of Health

Rachel Cheruvallath

British Columbia Ministry of Health

Tijana Fazlagic

British Columbia Cancer Agency

Helen Anderson

Alberta Health

Andrea Nagle

Ontario Ministry of Health

Angie Wong

Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness

Kathleen Coleman

New Brunswick Ministry of Health

Position Vacant

Prince Edward Island Department of Health and Wellness

Marsha Cusack

Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Health and Community Services

Pam Barnes

Nova Scotia Cancer Care Program

Joanne Houlihan

Government of Yukon Territory

Marie-Claire Savoie

Government of Nunavut

Donna Mulvey

Government of North West Territories

Luke Spooner


Susan Pierce

Federal Drug Plans

Harold Boudreau

Health Canada

Samir Khan

Hospital/Health Authority

Jeremy Slobodan


Michelle Sullivan


Gunita Mitera


Sylvie Bouchard


Dominic Tan


Tanya Potashnik